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Chalk Block 2oz

Chalk for removing sweat and moisture from the palms of your hands or skin. Chalk is a solid block of magnesium carbonate chalk which is popular among cross-fit enthusiasts, weightlifters, gymnasts and rock climbers as a reliable grip enhancer. Weightlifting Chalk absorbs moisture from the skin of your palms and fingers to provide a stable, long lasting and confident grip. The block can be crumbled up into a powder, or the chalk can be applied directly to the skin by rubbing the block. Single block contains 2oz of compressed magnesium carbonate chalk. Also available in a 2 pack or a box of 8 blocks.
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Sole Rosin

Helps to prevent slippage of feet inside gymnastics shoes. This is 100% natural Pine Gum Rosin WW/X, harvested from Pine Forests in places such as Portugal, and Brazil. This is a very high quality sole rosin used by gymnasts/dancers to prevent foot slippage and improve grip. Supplied in a 125g Pot with air tight screw on lid.